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Customising Sway - Part 2

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Part 0 - Prerequisites Before we look at customising anything, we will first copy the default Sway config into our home directory and edit that version. To do this we simply need to make the directory and copy the file. $ mkdir -p ~/.config/sway $ cp /etc/sway/config ~/.config/sway/config Sway will look for this file and use it automatically when logging in or reloading the configuration when changes are made. NOTE: After each change reload the Sway config by pressing $mod+Shift+c. Read More...

GSConnect on Fedora

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This post covers the GNOME shell extension GSConnect and how to get it to work on Fedora 33. GSConnect is a KDE Connect implementation for the GNOME shell, used to connect devices to your desktop and perform tasks such as; sharing files between devices, SMS messaging, remote control etc. Part 0 - Prerequisites You will first need to have the ability to install GNOME shell extensions. To do this you will need to have the following installed if you don’t already: Read More...

Installing Sway on Fedora - Part 1

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This is a very brief post covering the installation of the Sway window manager (WM) on Fedora. The base system was installed previously with the Gnome desktop environment (DE) and as such won’t cover some aspects such as login manager etc. There will be further posts detailing some customisation options and useful additions. Sway is a tiling Wayland compositor replacement for i3. If you have used i3 before your config will be usable in Sway. Read More...