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Installing Sway on Fedora - Part 1

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This is a very brief post covering the installation of the Sway window manager (WM) on Fedora. The base system was installed previously with the Gnome desktop environment (DE) and as such won’t cover some aspects such as login manager etc. There will be further posts detailing some customisation options and useful additions. Sway is a tiling Wayland compositor replacement for i3. If you have used i3 before your config will be usable in Sway. Read More...

Scarlett Audio Interface in Linux

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UPDATE: This now works out of the box in Ubuntu 20.04. I recently bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) audio interface and found that after plugging it in and booting the system I wasn’t able to get any audio output in Ubuntu 19.10. Below are the steps required to get this working. Part 0 - Remove Existing Package If you have previously installed qjackctl it’s important to uninstall it first. Read More...

Newsboat RSS Feeds

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UPDATE: Youtube no longer make the subscription_manager OPML file available, as such you’ll need to collect the channel_id via the method shown in part 2.2. This post covers the usage of Newsboat (or Newsbeuter) for terminal based RSS feeds related to news and Youtube. I am using two separate configs as I like to keep a divide between a news feed and a Youtube subscriptions feed. Part 0 - Prerequisites First you will need to make sure you have Newsboat, a media player and a browser installed. Read More...