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GSConnect on Fedora

This post covers the GNOME shell extension GSConnect and how to get it to work on Fedora 33.

GSConnect is a KDE Connect implementation for the GNOME shell, used to connect devices to your desktop and perform tasks such as; sharing files between devices, SMS messaging, remote control etc.

Part 0 - Prerequisites

You will first need to have the ability to install GNOME shell extensions. To do this you will need to have the following installed if you don’t already:

$ sudo dnf install chrome-gnome-shell

Following this, you will need to go to your browser and install the GNOME Shell Integration extension.

Now you should be able to head over to the GNOME extensions website and search for GSConnect and use the toggle to install it. In GNOME this should then appear in your system tray (the taskbar).

Part 1 - Install the KDE Connect App

Now head to the app store on your device and install KDE Connect. The app can be installed via the Google Play Store and F-Droid so take your pick.

Part 2 - Dependencies

It wasn’t particularly obvious when I looked, but in order to pair devices you will need the openssl package installed, to do this run:

$ sudo dnf install openssl

Without this the device will not show up.

Part 3 - Pair Devices

Now just pair your desktop to your device, it should be visible in the setup. If not you can manually enter the IP address of the device.

Part 4 - Enjoy!

KDE Connect is a hassle free way to transfer files between your device and desktop without plugging your phone in.