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Updating Dell Servers

This is mostly a reminder of where to find the ISO for firmware updates on Dell Poweredge servers. Although I have this documented locally I figured it may be useful for anyone reading this.

Part 0 - Prerequisites

In order to update Dell Poweredge servers, you need to download the ISO that corresponds to the server type you have. You can find the download link here, simply pick the version you require from the table.

Part 1 - Burn ISO to USB

Once downloaded burn to a USB, I typically use the command line tool dd on Linux or Rufus on Windows.

Part 2 - Boot Server from USB

When prompted, select USB from boot options.

Part 3 - Run Upgrades

Once booted from the USB, it’s just a case of letting it run. It can take quite a while so I don’t advise sitting around and watching.

Part 4 - Run Again

As some updates aren’t always applied on the first run, it’s beneficial to repeat the process two or three times. In total this took me around 5-6 hours.

There you have it, your Dell Poweredge firmware is now up-to-date.